Move Your ERP System to the Cloud (SaaS) and Drive Innovation with Sedulous Tech Solutions!

Why to move your ERP from On-premise to Cloud with Sedulous Tech Solutions (Benefits)?

Thousands of organizations have already transitioned their ERP systems to the cloud with Sedulous Tech Solutions and are experiencing the benefits of a modern ERP platform that is embedded with AI and the latest emerging technologies.

Sedulous offers many ways to help you to move to the cloud; moving to the cloud will offer you many benefits; let’s point out some of them:

  • Having your Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) application in the cloud will make things much easier to maintain and support instead of having it on-premise. The cost of maintaining is very low compared to the on-premises tool.
  • Improving the possibility of scaling and automation plus the minimal requirement for hardware space has a positive impact on the financial side of any business.
  • Providing financial stability for your applications & can be integrated with any other application from different vendor. Having a transaction legend maintained by Oracle ERP Cloud based is amazingly efficient for your organization.
  • Allowing you to streamline your financial business processes and technologies… Oracle Financial Cloud’s trends will allow you to change how you do things in the field; it’s more effective and cost saving.
  • Training your people quickly and having them able to configure the screens for their preference.
  • Maintaining the interface easily to track the expenses’ reports for your budgets step by step.
  • Showing you the pending tasks and a deadline option through dashboards.
  • Support response time will be shorter in the cloud than on-premise.
  • As per the TCO study, moving to ERP and HCM Cloud will assist the enterprises to save million dollars over the next ten years.
  • Annual cost of ownership will be decreased due to not needing to purchase software and hardware. Overall, ROI will be increased after implementing Oracle ERP Cloud.
  • ERP Project Management Module will help you to track the project and complete it successfully even if it’s a huge team members, it will allow you allocating tasks and tracking each task.
  • You will notice huge improvements in productivity that allows you to reduce manual time by 20%. Reporting and dashboard preparation time will be improved more than 50%.
  • Saving you a lot of time in making reports and tracking your department’s budgets.

Some of Oracle ERP Customers’ Testimonials who moved to Cloud!

1- “We looked at SAP and some others, but Oracle ERP Cloud was the only one that we found that built the software for the cloud specifically. It’s not just a fancy front end with a green screen background.”

2- “The single most important factor for this decision was our corporate strategy to reduce infrastructure ownership costs by adopting cloud. We were able to replace a lot of resources and reduce cost by moving to cloud. Now we don’t have the hassle of following up on maintaining the server backups, patching or maintaining the server.”

3- “The client wanted to start using cloud so that their overall infrastructure costs are reduced and they can use a per user type of system. Also, since there is less scope for customization in cloud, they would be able to run the project with a leaner team after go live.”

What is Oracle ERP Cloud Product?

ERP Cloud is an enterprise resource planning suite from Sedulous Tech Solutions delivered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Organizations use Oracle ERP Cloud to automate and manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, supply chain transactions….etc

The suite ties together a multitude of business processes and enables the flow of data between them, automating repetitive and manual tasks, and enabling more powerful insights and analytics across financials, projects, risk management, and other business processes. These analytics are designed to help users to make informed decisions around their financial, procurement, project and risk management functions.

Oracle ERP Cloud from Sedulous is organized into a suite of products tailored to various business needs common to most or all enterprises. The suite covers: Financial transactions and processes, Accounting needs, Procurement processes, Project management, Administration, and Collaboration and Risk management.

Oracle ERP Cloud stands out as a SaaS option for users migrating away from on-premise ERP solutions. By transitioning to a SaaS model, companies no longer have the burden of maintaining, upgrading, and securing their own on-premise software, and they receive software updates from Oracle on a quarterly basis—ensuring that they always have access to the latest advances in new technologies (AI, machine learning, etc.).

Oracle ERP Cloud suite from Sedulous is one solution for all project-related roles including project managers, team members, resource managers and financial roles. It includes tools for planning and forecasting, cost management, billing and revenue, execution management, task management, resource management and grants management.

Oracle ERP Cloud is used across a wide range of industries. The six most common reviewer industries are Information Technology & Services, Computer Software, Financial Services, Health & Health Care, Government Administration, and Accounting. A significant number of reviewers in the below sample also implemented Oracle ERP Cloud on behalf of their clients or consulted end-users on implementation and adoption practices.

Overall Customer Experience Ratings (477 total ratings):

Oracle ERP Cloud is a must, so choose the right partner with a proven track record of successful business transformations with companies similar to yours. Sedulous Tech Solutions has a variety of experience in ERP Cloud implementation & consulting team to ensure your success to move to the cloud.

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